A big day deserves a big comic. Meet Tyson Jr., Eartha’s little boy, and Virginia, the adopted daughter of a very unusual couple -and no, I don’t mean unusual because they happen to be gay, and she happens to be a werewolf. That’s nothing compared to- well, you’ll see.


Today’s comic was a bit of a personal challenge. I was looking at some old artwork of mine, from the days I dreamed of becoming a mainstream Marvel/DC artist. I was shocked at how much better I was in the past at drawing backgrounds and fully composed scenes. My more recent work has concentrated on character, backgrounds had become an afterthought for me. I wanted to see if I could still draw like that, and I’m pleased with these results. It’s not something I’ll do a lot- this webcomic is more like a daily newspaper strip than a comic book- the focus is on character, which is how I like it, character is what should push a story forward. Still, when the story calls for it, we’ll get these “Sunday comics” type pages, and I look forward to flexing those muscles more.