Missed Monday’s comic. Hey, even monsters and their out-of-work creators need to take a three day weekend now and then. I was camping upstate at a barbecue- no bugs were served, but it was 90% vegetarian! We did almost get killed by lightning. Wish I had video for you.

I think today’s comic makes up for it- tripple big and stuffed with stuff. Character insights, drama, humor, and timely commentary. Copyright controversy has grown with the internet, and lately there’s been much talk of it amongst us cartoony folk, from Sita Sings the Blues creator Nina Paley on one side, and a dis-cussion/rebuttal by my Webcomics Weekly mentors on the other. I’m no expert on the whole kerfuffle, but basically I believe a creator deserves to decide how his creations are distributed & monetized, but copyrights shouldn’t last forever- the original “75 years after the death of the creator” thing was plenty. If nothing ever entered the public domain we wouldn’t have most Shakespeare plays (the originals or the countless movies and performances), Jane Austen zombie mashups, Dracula, or of course Frankenstein.

Choosing to build my cartoon empire around a public domain character, whose name I can’t even copyright (or is it trademark?), may not have been the smartest move. I chose The Creature because I love him, I identify with him in good ways and bad, and I have a lot to say about him, and about myself through him. I could have made up something like Frankenstein, but he’s free to use, he’s who I really wanted, so I chose him. It’s working great so far, let’s see how I feel about it when I get the store working.

Anyway, enjoy the Boops. If she ever completely enters the public domain*, I am eager to have my way with her too. Artistically, I mean.

*Some of her movies seem to have, as well as the original Segar comics of a certain Sailor Man. The characters themselves are still owned by corporations.


Legal: This is a work of parody/free speech-type social commentary. No infringement of the copyrights of the parodied characters is implied. You probably will never see them in this strip again. Don’t bother suing, I’m a cartoonist: I don’t have any money!