What an exciting week for us here in the lab. Sunday Scott Kurtz Tweeted that he might need some help with guest strips, due to some cracked ribs he received during shenanigans in a hotel room (as naughty as that sounds, the details are more like a Disney Channel version of The Hangover). I immediately volunteered, expecting to be smited from above, but surprisingly, he took me up on it! As a result, we received the PVP Bump, and we have many new friends to welcome and entertain. Thanks all for taking a look, “liking” Franky’s Facbook Page, following our RSS and Twitter feeds, and for the many kind things so many of you have said.

One or two other cool things happened this week too, but they deserve their own blog updates. More on those soon.

Nice big update today, full of emotion, Easter eggs, sexiness, and who knows what else. Seems to me Eartha was a little quick to take Elsa’s frown down to French kissin’ town. Is she being… Helpful? Horny? Creepy? Crazy? Or something else entirely? I’d love to hear what YOU think.

Monday: Weeping with the Frenemy Part two. Where will this lead…? Not where you expect!