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The story:
The way of the cartoonist is a lonely one. Hours alone, hunched over your drawing board, plumbing the depths of your soul… and eating snacks. I get by listening to progressive TV and radio shows, like Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, and Stephanie Miller, who has a regular feature called “Tuesdays with Tyler” with Aisha Tyler. She’s an honest-to-geekness zombie-killin’ nerd, plus she played Christopher Walken’s majordomo Mahogany in Balls of Fury, Agent Lana Kane on Archer, and Mother Nature in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (ok, that last one maybe not as cool). She’s also a stand-up comedian, and she comes up with some crazy phrases on the show. A few weeks ago she was describing how brain surgery patients are awake during surgery, so that if the surgeon touches the wrong part of the brain, they yell “BOOGEDY BOOGEDY CHEESE!” The hosts of The Stephanie Miller have been touring in The Sexy Liberal tour, and for weeks they’ve been saying on the radio show that someone should make a t-shirt with the phrase, so I finally did it. I’ve been trying to contact them via email, Facebook, and Twitter, but no reply. I hope when they find out they’re happy, and not pissed.
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