This past weekend my girlfriend and I stayed at the house of some friends out in the country up near Hudson. No wifi, a small, rickety old scanner, plus I brought pens and a light tablet and my pencils for today’s comic- but I forgot to bring good paper to ink on. So I sat at a tiny old wooden desk and carefully inked on some plain old color copier paper, while outside birds tweeted, bugs buzzed, and everyone else went to play on a rope course suspended high in some trees. Such is the lonely life of the cartoonist :-) Still, I had a good long time to concentrate on my work, and when I was done I got to lay in the grass, and have a lovely dinner with our hosts, and eat homemade cherry pie. Very nice.

Next comic, we find out what or who is so awful it can shock a monster (and his imaginary floating head doppelganger). I also have some cool stuff to blog about that I need to catch up on.