The crew over at the Night of the Living Podcast just posted another fun installment, but this time they blew the back of my head off with an amazingly awesome review of Frankenstein Superstar!

Night of the Living Podcast is dedicated to all things Horror. Amy, Andy, Chiseck, Erica, Freddy, and my man Kelley review movies, books, cons, etc, anything with blood on it, and have a screaming good time doing it.

It’s episode 235, a reader feedback episode, and my review starts around the 1:02:35 mark, right after the bumper music FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN by Alice Cooper, which I must assume they played just for me! It’s like when I fantasize about being on Conan or something, and I wonder what kind of music should the band play as I walk out (these things keep me up at night)? These guys nailed it. Only they were way nicer to me than Conan ever would be. I could not have written a better review myself (I really did not write it).

Hop on over there and check it out, then listen to them review one of your favorite horror movies. It’s like if MST3K built their robots from parts from Hot Topic instead of Home Depot. Plus bits from a head shop and a porn store. Wait, it’s cooler than that. Recently they did Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark- two of my faves!!! What’s not to love.