You know that moment after an interview, when you say to yourself, “I think that went well!” I don’t think Frankenstein’s going to be feeling that.

Jobs are hard enough to come by these days, but when you’re a 193 year-old undead monster with anger management issues, well… you’ve got a seriously steep uphill road to climb.

But don’t worry, Franky will figure it out eventually. I think. In the meantime, when he stumbles, we can all have a good laugh at his expense (from a safe distance).

Speaking of the jobs crisis, I visited the Occupy Wall Street rally in lower Manhattan yesterday. The media is working overtime to ridicule these people and their varied causes, but the overall message is clear: people need jobs, and billionaires need to stop robbing the country and pay their taxes. I saw some silly people, but mostly I saw families who want to send their kids to college, older people trying to keep food on the table, and young folks fighting for a better tomorrow. By the way, a lot of those protesters were pretty hot ;-)

I didn’t see anything that relates to Frankenstein beyond his current job search/financial crisis, but David Shankbone spotted a pack of zombies at one of the marches (and posted their pix on Flickr with a Creative Commons license, thank you very much!) I think they represent money hungry CEO’s and inhuman corporations, though I prefer to think they’re looking for some delicious greedy millionaires to munch on:

Day 17 Occupy Wall Street October 3 2011 Shankbone 2