Oh Eartha, what did Tyson Jr.’s father do to make you distrust men so?
Or is there something else behind your anti-Frank feelings…

By the way, the iPad product placement may be mistaken as yet another tribute to the recently departed Steve Jobs, but it isn’t. I have always been a Mac Daddy. I love my Macbook Pro, our iPad, and of course my iPhone 4, which I can use to keep up with comments on this site and respond to them almost instantly. I can update Franky’s Facebook page or Twitter feed with words, pictures, videos, etc. With my PHONE! These things have happend so fast, and so seamlessly thanks largely to Jobs and Apple, that I think it’s hard to remember how revolutionary instant publishing by anyone really is. I sure appreciate it, and him, every day.

I hope to be using my iPhone a lot at New York Comic Con this weekend! Anyone else going?
I won’t have a table (haven’t worked the nerve up yet- maybe for this Spring’s MoCCA Fest), but I’ll be making the rounds. Hope to see you there!