The next comic is in the coloring stage. Meanwhile, I thought I’d give you a sneak-peek at a bit of fan art I’m doing for one of my all-time favorite naughty, NSFW webcomics, The Blonde Marvel. A normal suburban working mom, with a believable (though admittedly super-busty) middle-aged all-American woman’s figure, is endowed with super powers. VERY ENDOWED (sorry!)

The premise, from the “About” page:
“The idea was to take a female character who is usually marginalized and who at best is relegated to “supporting character” status and give her the lead. Most super-women are young, single and supermodel thin. The Blonde Marvel however is in her late thirties, married with kids, and heavy. What would happen? How would society perceive her? How would her fellow heroes behave? What does her family have to say about the whole thing?”

I love it that.
The above link will send you to one of the safer pages of a charmingly retro-styled story. I would urge you to go back one page to the cover of that story, which is not as safe, but delightfully twisted.

I will update again later, when I’ve finished coloring this. I’m also hoping B.M. will grace our humble comic with a super-cameo soon, though I’m not sure if Franky can handle her!