Franky and Elsa’s tour of The Hero Business begins- with a little help from a little fellow from another webcomic!
The Badger is a spunky (and stinky) self-made hero from Stripped Comics by Joel Poirier.
He describes his comic as “…an ambitious project: 5 webcomics by 1 artist with overlapping storylines to create a large, satirical comic book world…” Joel has created his own hero universe with great characters, funny writing, bold colors, and a really nicely set-up website. It was super nice of him to let The Badger (and a cameo by a friend) join my crossover craziness.

There’s another superhero-centric web thing thing referenced in the last panel, but I won’t say yet where it’s from. Curious to see if anyone can place it. It’s subtle (which means it’s NOT the mannequins).

Speaking of the last panel, I’m commenting on overtly sexualized, impractical super hero woman costumes, not condemning them. That would be SO hypocritical. Clearly I have nothing against overtly sexual depictions of women in comics. I like it, it’s fun to draw and to look at, and I hope people enjoy how I do it. I plan to do LOTS more of it. I do think it’s something that we (as comics creators or fans) should think about and be aware of, and it shouldn’t be the only way women are depicted in comics. My comic won’t be the one to break that mold, but I do enjoy comics that do.