Does this page look different? I’ve changed the way I do this comic. If you are not a Process Junkie, this might get boring.
I still pencil and ink the page traditionally. I used to do it any height I wanted (according to the story), then scanned and colored the individual panels in Photoshop, then assembled the panels in Comic Life Magiq. It’s not a professional comic application, it’s more for hobbyists. It lets me make really fast panels and word balloons, but it’s clumsy, and limits my control and options. It served me well for many years, but I’m finally giving it up for most of my comic work (maybe just for quickies).

Teaching at the Kubert School has taught me a lot about how to set up my comics in Photoshop and color them. I had a method, but I want to do it more like the other professionals. Creating my panels and balloons in Photoshop and Illustrator is part of that more professional work flow, and it yields a more creative result. It may take longer at first, but it gets easier every time you do it.

I’m also considering drawing every page the full comic book size (10″X15″), thought I might cut them up for each webcomic update. This would make it easier to assemble into a book when I’m ready to publish (the comic up til now is going to be hell to lay out for printing).

This is just the first part of Franky’s fantasy, “fighting” a team made up of women superheroes of webcomics. This time they are:

Incredo-Lass from Tales of the Emerald Yeti
Mega Maiden from Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess
Gyno-Star from The Adventures of Gyno-Star
Pulse from Pulse
Kitty VonKat from Mallville Rules
Maya from Magellan
Distracterella from League of Super-Redundant Heroes
Wonderella from The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Last there’s my girl hero, Thunda Krack, who I swear to Zod, I have been waiting YEARS to draw- any resemblance to Thunder Booty is purely coincidental… and sexy.

Thanks to all the webcomic creators who let me draw a cameo of your awesome character in my comic (especially the ones I haven’t asked yet). They of course retain the copyright of their respective creations. Next time- more super lady cameos! Any suggestions of other webcomic power-girls Franky might like in his fantasy are very welcome.