Franky’s fantasy is over. Let the wild superhero rumpus begin!

This is my last big webcomics crossover (for now), though there are one or two more cameos planned.
Drawing other creator’s characters is really fun- and time consuming. Especially reinterpreting their colors in black-and-blue.

Our special guests this episode are:

Bumble Bee from Awesome Storm Justice 41
Spy Gal from SuperFogeys
Pulse from Pulse
Fatima from Magellan
SnowBuni from SnowBuni at Ice Station Xenon
Greta Gravity from Spinnerette
Skull Girl from Supertemps
Blonde Marvel (VERY NSFW!)

and, of course, Morgan from The Hero Business.

When Franky returns, we will see another Super group- this time, one made up completely of my own characters. I have literally waited YEARS to put them out there!

P.S. Yes, I know Greta Gravity doesn’t talk like that, but it’s Franky’s/my fantasy. When I was little I read a Sunday newspaper comic called Dondi. He was a war orphan (first of WW2, then Korea, then Viet Nam…). He got a new babysitter- she was blonde, had glasses, and an accent. Swedish or German. I kept that comic under my pillow for years. You know, to re-read.