…and… Franky’s training with the Avenging Anachronistic Six comes to a sudden, sticky end. Aw.

I’d love to say this comic was bringing us back to regular weekly updates, but I’m a couple days short of EXACTLY a week since the last comic. I’d also love to say that I was delayed by Halloween festivities, but I spent most of my Halloween on buses coming back to Manhattan from The Kubert School. Yes, Hurricane Sandy was not so hard on us up here in Washington Heights as it has been on those South of us- we still have power, water, and- thank goodness- cable and internet! Our thoughts go out to all those downtown and in Brooklyn who got hit a lot harder. We do have a LOT of bottles, jugs, and plastic jack-o-lanterns filled with tap water, just in case. Looks like that M. Night Shyamalan movie Signs up in here.