Yes, we are falling ever deeper into this rabbit’s hole of quasi-political weirdness. We learn a few things- what those mummy-looking guys are called, sort of where they come from, and kind of what they want. Also, the wealthy and powerful like to eat live ┬ábaby chicks and puppies. Did you not know that?

All the plutocrats on the page are rough caricatures of real people- in panel 4 we get John McCain, Newt Gingrich, and (a very cartoony) Rick Santorum.
That guy in panel 5 is Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, who famously is suing America because our bailout of his criminally mismanaged financial institution, AIG, was not generous enough by his standards. That’s a bad man.
Panel 6 has Dick Armey, Newt again, and Louis Gohmert. You can click on any of these names for a link to learn more about these jerks, if you are so inclined. Or Google them.
Not Santorum though. Don’t Google him.

In panel 7 we finally get to meet Franky’s creator, Victor Frankenstein. There’s a reason Franky does not talk to or hang out with him. He is mad, bad, and dangerous to know. And not in a fun way.

His plans for Franky will be revealed next time! That, and another monster. A big one.