Dawn Griffin’s most excellent webcomic Zorphbert & Fred has been on hiatus (returning soon!), and she put out the call for fan art. The theme was taking her duo of aliens-disguised-as-dogs and mash them up with some other famous duo.

As this year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I chose to depict her guys as the third Doctor, the dandy-tastic Jon Pertwee. Funny thing is, despite her considerable geek bona-fides, Dawn is NOT a Whovian! I bet when she finally checks out the show, she wonders why my Doctor looks nothing like Matt Smith.

I assumed Dawn would not want to link back to my comic, because her’s is all-ages, but she linked back anyway! She’s so cool. Check out her comic, which has plenty of commentary on the human condition, as only two alien observers (dressed as dogs) could do. Dawn is also one of the contributors to the Webcomic Alliance, which is a website and podcast with great articles for the creation and marketing of digital/web comics. Highly recommended.