Still with the mummies!!! Only one more to go.

Lots of human monsters in this one. I won’t point out the ones Victor Frankenstein is ranting about- hopefully you can figure ¬†those out for yourself. But wallowing in the muck, we have-
Panel 1:
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who stonewalls getting anything done in government including speaking out against any new gun safety laws.
Next to him is some racist, gun-nut washed-up 70′s rocker.
Panel 2:
Pat Robertson, who thinks “awful looking” women are the problem with modern marriages. Also, thrift store sweaters should be checked for residual demonic residue.
Next to him is Eddie from Rocky Horror! Hot Patootie!
Panel 4:
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who wisely gets lots of rest on the bench, almost never speaking, to save his energy for Koch Brothers retreats.
Also there’s a cartoon Republican duck, possibly slumming from his newspaper comic strip.

Next time- We get so see Eartha again! And FRANKY!!!