Our special guest hero hails from the webcomic Captain Ahole. This is his older, pre-reboot version, because I thought it would be fun to draw him looking even more like Ronald Reagan than he actually does. And it was. Besides him, we have a veritable bouquet of Webcomic Villain Cameos!

The gaseous young Hazard (like the name!) from the webcomic Villain written by Adamska and drawn by Keetah.

Nimona from the eponymously named and brilliant comic by Noelle Stevenson.

Felonious Feline Scratch Fury from the venerable PVP by Scott Kurtz.

Hypnausea (who’s becoming one of my fave villains ever) from my bro Aidan Casserly’s Scapula.

Sasquash! A really random choice from Brad Guigar’s villain-heavy Evil Inc.

The diminutive Dictator Tot from Brock Heasley and Marc Lapierre’s SuperFogeys.

And lastly, that aspiring antihero Dylan McVillain, from the also eponymously titled webcomic by Kevin Coulston.

Next time, Franky cruises deeper into the Dark Side.